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A Global Sourcing, Supply Chain and Logistics Healthcare Company

Laboratory Supplies 
VTM kits, UTM kits, Pipettes, Ethanol
Reagents, Microcentrifuge Tubes, PCR plates
Pharmacy Supplies
API's, Deionized Water, Pill Counters, Graduated Cylinders, Pedestal Mortar 


Nitrile Gloves, Sterile Gowns, Face Mask, Face Shields, Bio Hazard Bags, Booties 

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Medical Equipment 

Stainless Steel Tables, HVAC, Filters, Scales, Mixers, Heaters, Coolers, LED Lighting

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Import, Export, Pick-Pack-Ship, Pallets
Supply Chain
EDI Software, Forecasting, Sourcing
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Our Services
About Us


                  Consistent. Efficient. Dependable. 


BKG Medical Supplies provides essential products and services to help healthcare organizations and healthcare providers deliver consistent quality patient care. We understand operational and financial efficiency is vital to achieve performance goals for survival and success. Our diverse team of healthcare experts and network of subsidiaries and alliances’ core mission is to serve as a dependable source for industry-leading medical technology, products and services to achieve shared patient care goals. 

 We service all aspects of Healthcare 

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Subsidiaries & Affiliates

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West Palm Beach Florida

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  8AM – 6PM 


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