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The NEST Pen Injector is a versatile, reusable liquid medicine injection device designed for easy and accurate medication delivery. The medication is contained within a cartridge, eliminating the need to extract it each time. Simply remove the pen cap, adjust the dial to the desired dose, and inject. NEST Pen Injectors are available in two categories: Reusable Pen Injector and Disposable Pen Injector.




In addition to liquid medicine injections, this device is suitable for administering various medications, including growth hormone, antibiotics, interferon, beauty products, biochemical emergency prevention, hemostatic pain relief, first aid for heart disease, detoxification, antipyretic analgesics, anesthetic sedatives, and more.

This revised product description provides a comprehensive overview of the NEST Pen Injectors and their features, tailored for an e-commerce site.


Product Features:



  • Compared to disposable pen injectors, the reusable pen injector is more affordable and economical.


Environmentally Friendly

  • By generating less plastic waste than disposable products, the reusable pen injector promotes a greener approach.


Long Service Life

  • The device maintains precise and accurate medication delivery even after prolonged use.


High Compatibility

  • Compatible with a wide range of needles and 3ml cartridges available in the market, allowing for convenient refilling.


Additional Features:


  • Magnifying Window: Includes a magnifying window and clear, easy-to-read scales, providing enhanced usability for individuals with poor eyesight.


  • Precision Injection: The injection-moulded screw thread ensures high precision and low margin of error, ensuring a stable injection process. The injection increment is 1IU. The reusable pen injector has a range of 1IU-60IU, while the disposable pen injector has a range of 1IU-60IU/1IU-80IU.


  • Compact and Portable: Disposable Pen Injectors are packaged in bags, while Reusable Pen Injectors are packaged in a kit that includes the injector, needle, and cartridge.


  • Comfortable Use: The transmission mechanism is processed entirely with self-lubricating special materials. With a pressing force of less than 30N, the injection process becomes smoother.


Note: A valid pharmacy license is required to purchase this product.

NEST Pen Injector

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